Loliware: Biodegr(edible) Cups



loliwareLOLIWARE are biodegr(edible) cups* designed to complement a variety of beverages. While you’re sipping your drink, you can eat your cup, and any remnants can be composted. Sure to spark conversation in the hands of guests at parties and events, LOLIWARE’s artisanal flavor and unique texture enliven every occasion. Made entirely of vegan, biodegradable ingredients, LOLIWARE is a delicious alternative to ‘disposable’ cups destined for the landfill. Put down the plastic and enjoy the future of sustainability: 100% Biodegr(edible).

*Yes, that’s biodegradable AND EDIBLE! Patent-pending: 13/937,806

LOLIWARE began when the founders entered a competition for Jell-O in 2010. Re-framing gelatin as a material helped them to realize its potential as an edible cup: a more sustainable alternative to disposable cups that could be flavored to complement different beverages! Further research opened their eyes to a whole new world of gels and ultimately. They chose a plant-based gelatin for it’s structural nature, taste and vegan-friendliness.

LOLIWARE is sold in 4 packs and 48 packs. Flavor options include:

Tart Cherry
Madagascar Vanilla
Matcha Green Tea

Unflavored Clear
Unflavored Yellow
Unflavored Magenta
Unflavored Spring Green

For more information visit: Loliware