Pamela Anderson Collaborates with Amelie Pichard’s Eco Shoe Line


The soles of Amélie Pichard’s newest shoe collaboration are covered in glitter — a sort of sparkling sandpaper that somehow manages to not leave a trail of light-reflecting dust in its wearer’s wake. This has much to do with the magic of Amélie Pichard and everything to do with the fact that Pamela Anderson was her co-conspirator.

“We were thinking beach clubs and cobblestone streets,” Anderson said. “Malibu meets St Tropez. Glitter soles because after a night out with my friends, the bottoms of my shoes are covered in glitter.”

The two came together to create a leather-free line that would raise awareness of the ethical treatment of animals. The collection is sold online at, and all proceeds will go to the PETA-approved Pamela Anderson Foundation.

Via ManRepeller