Transform Your Bike Into a SmartBike


Helios Ride launched a Kickstarter fund last year for the release of the world’s first integrated headlight & blinker system for bicycles which also utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 & GPS to add smart features to any bike. Helios has both Andiod and iOs Apps.

Here’s all the great new stuff we packed into Helios Bars V2 for you:

Brighter Headlight – TheHelios Bars headlight which is capable of running at upwards of 1,200 lumens! This will keep you very visible on the road.

Improved Turn-by-Turn Navigation – The software engineers went back to our navigation code & revamped it to be more accurate. Helios is still using Google Maps API, but you may notice an improvement in terms of responsiveness & accuracy.

Improved Bike Tracking – Since GPS can be spotty in different regions across the world, Helios decided to replace it with a Bluetooth bike tracking feature that works in much the same manner as Tile. We call it “lost & found”.

Visit there site and update your bike into a SmartBike RideHelios

Via Kickstarter