Atelier 8000 EcoLodge


Atelier 8000 developed the proposal for the Kežmarská Hut architectural competition, which asked applicants to design a building offering accommodation, a restaurant, a medical facility, skiing storage and a garage for a snowmobile. The competition was won by a team made up of architects Karel Havliš, Filip Havliš, David Zámečník and Ondřej Novosad, so Atelier 8000’s concept is now unlikely to make it off the drawing board.

According to the designers, the orientation of the structure would allow three sides of it to be visible from any given point around its perimeter. Each of these surfaces would present a square grid, made up of photovoltaics, windows and aluminium panels, in an arrangement designed to generate as much solar energy as possible and minimise the building’s carbon footprint.

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