London Green Bridge Approved



Last year, the fabulous actor and green activist Joanna Lumley teamed up with the Pretty Terrific architect Thomas Heatherwick to imagine a gorgeous pedestrian bridge across the Thames in London. This November, the pedestrian Garden bridge spanning London’s River Thames won local-government approval. In the Guardian the bridge is described as “It will be like a tiara on the head of our fabulous city,” coos Lumley. “It will set hearts racing and calm troubled minds. It will enchant everyone who uses it.”

The Westminster borough endorsed the project in a 3-1 approval vote. Construction is expected to start in the second half of next year with the opening set for 2018. The project is estimated to cost $274 million, close to a $100 million is public money. Annual maintenance cost is estimated to $5 million mainly due to engineering involved to hold up the weight.

For more information visit Garden Bridge Trusr

Via Bloomberg and Treehugger