Levi’s Field of Jeans To Promote Recycling



In an effort to promote recycling, Levi Strauss & Co. started a drive that brought in 18,850 pairs of jeans. The event known as “Field of Dreams” is meant to show the impact of throwing clothes in a landfill versus recycling. The collected jeans weighted 24,000 pounds. They were put on display at the 49ers football stadium by a team of 50 people over 16 hours creation period.

Levi’s emphasizes sustainability in its business practices in a number of different ways, in addition the Field of Jeans. It launched its WaterLess line of jeans and the Wellthread line of Dockers that reduce water use in the finishing and dyeing processes.

Based on a 2007 assessment that found the majority of water use associated with a pair of Levi’s occurs when the cotton is grown and when the consumer cares for them, the company encourages consumers to wash their jeans less.

Via Mashable