Yingli Solar at World Cup 2014



Yingli who? If you watched the World Cup 2014, you would have seen Yingli Solar ads, one of the 12 companies advertising at the World Cup. FIFA made over $1 billion from ads, $70m of directly from Yingli. Additionally, Yingli placed 1,500 solar panels encircling the World Cup stadium in Maracana, Brazil.

As the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer based out of China, Yingli Solar is hoping to break into the Latin American by growing its less than 5% market share in 2013 to more than 10% by 2015. Cracking the Latin American market is a challenge. The governments don’t provide generous subsidies or guarantee high prices for solar electricity in countries such as United States, Japan and China, according to consultancy GTM research. That means the market is going to develop at a much slower pace.

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How does Yingli compare against other World Cup sponsors?


Yingli saw a 30% increased since the first day of the 2014 World Cup:


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