Copenhagen’s Bike Increase Jumped 5% to 41%



Copenhagen is known to have more bikes than people. Last year, bike usage increased by 5% due to 17 large Metro construction sites in the city that make driving unpleasant. Increased bike usage was not deliberate, it became the preferred option when driving due to construction became inconvenient. Lesson learned is that there is a more effective way to get people to ride bikes other than advertising “Go Green Bike” signs around a city.

The 17 additional metro stations come with a price tag of 3 Billion Euros. Some of the cost can be explained by the fact that It is not easy to build a Metro in Copenhagen, a city that is on the whole scarcely above sea level, and with a dense urban fabric too. It’s due for completion in 2018, but that’s later than the initial estimate and with the date still some way off who knows whether it will actually be ready by then – just ask the planners in Amsterdam, where a new metro line has been under construction since 2002 and is still not finished. Hopefully when the Metro project is complete, it won’t leave many bikes sitting idle on the streets.

Via Copenhagize and Treehugger