A Rescue Package for the Ocean



The Global Ocean Commission, co-chaired by Jose Maria Figueres, has issued a groundbreaking new report that charts a course forward in our effort to protect this beautiful ecosystem. In September this year, the United Nations will begin discussing the future of the high seas and how they should be governed. We are polluting and depleting the ocean at a mind-boggling pace.

“From Decline to Recovery: A Rescue Package for the Ocean” will address on some of the threats affecting our ocean. The report identifies five major drivers of ocean decline – rising demand for resources; technological advances; declining fish stocks; climate change, biodiversity and habitat loss; and weak high-seas governance.

The Commission will quickly proceed to outline “eight proposals to advance high seas recovery” – a comprehensive set of action and policy options that are inspired in part by the many successful approaches that already work at the local or national level. The proposals range from keeping plastics out of the ocean to ending fishing subsidies and creating a high seas regeneration zone.

Via Virgin