Amazon Prime Air Delivery Uses Electric Drones



On Sunday’s 60 Minutes, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos dragged Charlie Rose out of his black-backgrounded studio and to Amazon HQ to show off “Amazon Prime Air”, an electric drone aircraft that could someday deliver packages directly to customers’ homes and offices. He said, “We can do half-hour delivery, and we can carry objects — we think — up to five pounds, which covers 86% of the items that we deliver.” The current drones have a 10 miles radius from fulfillment center and operates by themselves using GPS coordinates.

The project is years away from reality. “I know it can’t be before 2015 because that’s the earliest that we could get the rules from the FAA,” Bezos says. “My guess is that’s pretty a little optimistic. But could it be four to five years? I think so. It will work and it will happen, and it’s gonna be a lot of fun.” This will be disruptive technology to the transportation system. The Prime Air are electric, therefore they don’t use gas to deliver Amazon products.

Via Consumerist



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