Exhibit at Empire State Building



The Empire State Building had a $20 million award-winning energy retrofit project that was announced in April 2009, it’s quickly becoming a sustainability icon as well. Tomark this important process, which will reduce energy costs by $4.4 million, a sustainability exhibit was opened in the building’s second floor Visitor’s Center in 2010.

Recently, the exhibit unveiled numerous audio-visual enhancements to the interactive, multi-media installation, making it even more exciting for visitors to learn how the building is going green. “Each display is also augmented with audio enhancements tailored to the retrofit video displayed on the screen. Sounds such as running water through the pipes of the chiller plant or the hum of the city were incorporated to immerse the visitor in the ESB retrofit story and create a full sensory event.” However, the full project is far from complete, but great progress is made so far.

via Earthtechling