BMW Launches i3 Electric Car



German luxury automaker BMW unveiled its first mass-produced electric vehicle to the world on July 29. BMW on Monday took the bold strategic step of revealing its first all-electric car and said it plans to clinch a significant share of a market still in its infancy. What the mobile phone did for communication, electric mobility will do for individual mobility,” Chief Executive Norbert Reithofer said as the car debuted in London, Beijing and New York. “The BMW i3 is more than an evolutionary step — it is a great leap forward.”

The BMW i3 has the trademark BMW kidney-shaped grille. It packs a 170-horsepower electric motor and a lithium-ion, high-voltage battery that can keep the car running about 80 to 100 miles on a single charge. This four-seater electric vehicle can be charged via a conventional power socket, a public charging station or BMW’s special Wallbox charger.

The i3 will first release in Germany and other European markets in November. BMW said the i3 base price is 34,950 Euros in Germany — the equivalent of about US $46,300. The electric car will launch in the United States, China and Japan in the first half of 2014. In the U.S., the car will begin retailing at $41,350 or $45,200 for the range extender model. The simultaneous launch in three continents highlights the global approach embodied by the BMW i3 towards resolving urban mobility issues worldwide.


via Mashable