Whole Foods Sells 1 Million Fair Trade Certified Mangoes



Whole Foods Market remains the only buyer of the limited supply of Fair Trade Certified mangos from Haiti.  While Whole Foods tries to ensure that more money gets to the small farmers, the real hard work is done by a group of non-governmental organizations and business people whose deep dedication to fair trade makes it all happen. Whole Foods is part of a Whole Trade Haitian mango program that allows farmers to join and get more money for their mangos. This opportunity can improve general welfare in the area. For example, Whole Foods met with one farmer who had used his increased mango income to buy a goat, which has since had kids.  He was grateful to have been able to leverage his profits in this lasting way.  Whole Foods thanked the farmer for his work and assured him  that they are ready to receive their fruit again this year.

The most impressive development this year is the new farmer groups organized and trained by TechnoServe, an innovative international nonprofit that helps entrepreneurial men and women in poor areas of the developing world to build businesses.  TechnoServe’s Haiti Hope Project is a  partnership between The Coca-Cola Company, the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank Group, the US Agency for International Development, and TechnoServe that aims to double the incomes of 25,000 Haitian mango farmers over five years.  Their expert field staff has guided 10 new groups through the intense training required to participate in the program, more than doubling the number of Fair Trade Certified farmer groups that supply Whole Foods Market.  As a result, more than a thousand additional farmers will receive a premium price for their fruit this year.

So far Whole Foods has sold 1 million Fair Trade certified mangos!

via WholeFoodsMarket