2012 Renewable Energy Use Grew to China’s Total Energy Demand



In 2012, renewables grew 8% to 4,860TWh, as much as China’s total energy demand!  The International Energy Agency’s latest annual Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report was released this week, and according to current trends renewable energy sources will collectively overtake gas as the world’s second-largest source of energy by the end of this decade Renewables — hydro, solar, geothermal, biofuel and wind — are the fastest-growing energy sector, and an estimated increase in generation capacity of 40 percent over the next five years will mean that by 2018 a quarter of all energy generated globally will come from one of these sources. The majority of that quarter — 17 percent — will come from hydropower.

Renewables tend to have bigger upfront costs, but once they are built, there is no fuel costs. And when we compare with dirty sources, we should take into accounts the huge costs of global warming and pollution (air, water, soil). Renewables are a bargain when things are measured properly.

via Wired.co.uk