iPhone Megaphone Works Without Electricity


No electricity? No problem. Plug your iPhone into this ceramic passive amplifier, optimized to boost the sound of your iPhone output. The amplifier sits atop a wooden stand to maximize vibrations. The Megaphone comes in six colors. Four-year-old Italian design partnership En & Is (En for designer Enrico Bosa and Is for Isabella Lovero) have created a large ceramic horn-shaped amplifier for the iPhone, designed to optimize the device’s sound output without using any additional electricity. The amplifier sits in a beautifully shaped wooden frame, which helps to increase the vibrations and perfect the sound produced – making the accessory ideal for both speakerphone phone calls and listening to music. The appendage clearly isn’t a must-have, however, and seems to have been produced with looks and novelty value in mind instead of sound quality, but I’m sure there are plenty of people out there willing to pay the necessary price to get hold of one.

via HuhMagazine