Asian Countries Review Importing GMO US Wheat


gmo wheat

America is the world’s biggest wheat exporter, shipping $8 billion worth around the world every year. This represents nearly half the total $17.9 billion crop, according to U.S. Wheat Associates, which promotes American wheat abroad.  The presence of the genetically modified plant could cause some countries to turn away exports of American wheat, especially if any traces of the unapproved grain were found in shipments. Australia is No. 2. While many wheat buyers may now look to Australia to boost its exports, experts told Reuters that it was unlikely the country’s growers could meet a spike in demand.

Flour millers in Taiwan are reviewing imports of wheat from the U.S. after unapproved genetically modified wheat was discovered at a farm in Oregon.About 90 percent of Oregon’s wheat crop is exported.  Taiwan is a major wheat importer and heavily dependent on the U.S. for its supplies, importing close to 1.1 million metric tons of U.S. wheat annually. Other countries have a similar reaction.  Japan has suspended imports of Western White grade wheat from the U.S., while millers in South Korea have also suspended tenders to import U.S. wheat.

via Grist