Will Mosanto Kill or Save Us?



Monsanto is the company that allows farmers to grow more food with less land, water and energy. But it is also the company that brought us products we now know were far more dangerous than advertised, including the insecticide DDT, the toxic industrial chemicals known as PCBs, and the Vietnam-era defoliant Agent Orange, which poisoned our own soldiers with dioxins. Monsanto also brought us saccharine — sweet, yet artificial, and known to cause cancer in laboratory rats. Currently,  Monsanto became a totally new company intent upon bioengineering the planet. If its latest products prove dangerous in the future, well, maybe Monsanto can reinvent itself again.

The problem Monsanto is trying to address is real: There are more people than ever and they all want to eat. Organizers of “March Against Monsanto” boasted protests in 436 cities in 52 countries on Saturday, calling attention to the alleged dangers of genetically modified foods and a corporation that may have taken its influence in Washington one step too far. The problem protesters are trying to address is real as well: We have no idea what this food will do to us or our planetary evolution over time, so it should at least be labeled. However, there are two sides to this story. For many protesters, it comes down to this slogan: “Either mankind will stop Monsanto or Monsanto will stop mankind.” For Monsanto (MON) , it comes down to saving the 9 billion people expected to populate the planet by 2050.

via MarketWatch