Walmart’s New Sustainable Supercube Trucks



Walmart realized that having fewer cargo trips while using bigger trucks helped improve their profits. Therefore Walmart Canada came up with the idea of making bigger trucks to  drop their shipping costs and reduce traffic. Working with an Ontario-based company called Innovative Trailer Design, they commissioned what they’re calling the Walmart Supercube, which holds 30% more cargo in the same footprint. Most freight trucks lug a standard 53-foot long trailer. The Supercube’s is 60 feet long, yet the overal vehicle length is the same because they use a squashed cab that puts the driver right up at the front. The interior floor of the Supercube’s trailer is lower, and there’s a built-in scissor lift inside to help loaders stuff cargo into the far reaches.

Walmart had to get special permission to run the trucks from Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation, who granted them special permits for a pilot program of two tractors and four interchangeable trailers. “the consideration was that the roads are congested and that this could help take trucks off the road,” says Canadian Transportation & Logistics magazine. Walmart will conduct this sustainability transportation study and share their results as the Supercube was recently unveiled at Canada’s Fall 2012 Transportation Sustainability Conference.

via Core77