British Loo Turned Into “The Attendant” Coffee Bar


Inside British Loo

Peter Tomlinson took redundancy from his marketing job and ploughed much of his money into converting a former public toilet near Oxford Circus to create a sandwich and coffee bar.  In jolly olde England, a toilet is called a “loo“. There used to be lots of public ones around but they seem to have disappeared. The former Victorian lav, which has been closed down in the 1960’s and unused for more than fifty years, is now turned into a coffee and sandwhich bar aptly named the Attendant and is  located in London’s posh Fitzrovia.

After two-years of planning and restoration, it’s back: recycled as a hipster, and delicious, coffee bar. Nothing is left but the lovely ornate ironwork that marks their spot above ground.Punters will be able to find the subterranean eaterie easily thanks to its  cast-iron Victorian entrance. Instead of gutting all signs of previous usage, the owners have chosen to highlight them and make them the unique feature. The walls and floors are lined with the original Victorian tiles, in cream and green. While it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it sure beats the bog-standard  coffee shop.

via TheSun