Andriod App to Control Lawn Irrigation



Google engineers J.J Barrons and Joe Fernandez have developed this lawn irrigation system. In January 2012, Joe Fernandez posted an entry that began “So… I connected my lawn to the internet.” and went on to cover the ins and outs of his experiment building what he calls the Irrduino Project, which aimed to add remote control functionality to lawn sprinklers. Dubbed Irrduino, it uses Android, Ardiuno, Python, Dart and the Google App Engine.

The code for creating your own Irrduino is now available at Google Code, and includes IrrduinoController, IrrduinoDroid (the app to control IrrduinoController), IrrduinoServer (a Python Google App Engine application to control IrrduinoController and talk to IrrduinoDroid), and IrrduinoServer/static/dart (a game written in Dart called Lawnville).

via TreeHugger