Apple Data Centers Use 100% Renewable Energy


apple data

Apple has released its environmental report and, among other interesting things, it now states that is uses 100% renewable energy for its data centers and 75% for its needs overall, up from 35% in 2010. The end goal is 100% renewable energy use for all of the company’s energy needs. Its likely that not all that clean energy will not be produced on site, Apple won’t turn into a energy utility company, but the equivalent amount would be purchased from other sources and used on the grid, so the end result would be the same (energy is fungible, after all).

Of particular interest is the Maiden, North Carolina, data center (which mostly hosts iCloud stuff). It was designed from the ground up to be very energy efficiency and has earned LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. The company also operates 1,600 biodiesel-powered buses and shuttles and a bike-sharing program, among other green initiatives. You can dig into the details here. It has certainly been improving in most areas over the past few years. Nice work Apple, keep going.

via TreeHugger