Brazil to Count Trees in Amazon


Brazil is reportedly going to create a census of its rainforest trees by counting each in an attempt to better learn how to conserve its trees. The planned tree census, set to take four years. “Teams sent across Brazil’s 3,288,000 square miles, encompassing about half of the world’s remaining tropical forest, will sample about 20,000 points at 20-kilometer intervals,” reports Fast Company. “Researchers will log the number, height, diameter, and species of trees, along with soil types, biomass carbon stocks, and even local people’s interactions with the forest at each site. Once completed, it will the most comprehensive national inventory in Brazil since 1983.”

This effort is commendable, since Brazil’s rainforest is at a serious risk. The diversity seen in the Amazon rainforest has been threatened for years due to human activity. It has been estimated that almost 90 percent of the rain forest is now gone, having been replaced with roads and cities, and as a result, the biodiversity has also taken a hit.

via greenerideal