Masdar Developing Desalination Plants in UAE


Places throughout the world are facing a looming water crisis, including the hot, dry Middle East. Masdar, a UAE company, held a packed press conference late last week to announce its launch of three renewably-powered desalination pilot projects. The company will  explore ways to “harness natural resources, like solar, wind, geothermal.” Seawater desalination is considered one of the best ways to meet the water needs of the area’s growing population, but the process can be energy intensive.

Currently, desalination accounts for a huge proportion of the emirate’s carbon footprint, one of the world’s highest per capita. 90 percent of the nation’s water supply is derived this way, which leaves the Emirate no choice but to find new and innovative solutions to water scarcity that don’t sop up the country’s own energy. “With the UAE’s growing economy and rising population, it is crucial that we identify a sustainable desalination solution to meet our long-term water needs,” he added . The pilot program will include three test sites that will “try on” a host of different technologies for the next for three and a half years. The overall goal is to have a utility scale desalination plant by 2020 that will be powered  by either solar, wind or geothermal energy, or even a combination of several technologies if necessary.

via GreenProphet