CANLOVE Artwork From Graffitti Cans



CAN LOVE is devoted to removing discarded spray paint cans from heavily concentrated graffiti zones and properly recycling them by turning them into various artworks. Piece by piece, graffiti culture was built on the spray can, the cornerstone of a graffiti artists arsenal. For decades, this magical invention has benefited artists by giving them the speed and freedom to create magnificent works of art virtually anywhere.


Most graffiti artists are more worried about fleeing the scene of their art than they are with the environmental impact of their medium. Discarded empty spray cans are a natural part of the scene in areas with a lot of graffiti. Some cans lie around for years before being sent to the landfills. And these cans are not necessarily environmentally friendly either. Many times spray cans are not recycled because of their pressurized and toxic nature. The bigger issue though is not the environmental impact of graffiti art, but rather our lack of awareness and respect for the very thing that allows us to create amazing typographic masterpieces.


CANLOVE loves spray cans. Many think that when the can stops spraying its job is over – that it can be kicked to the curb and left behind. Surprisingly, even after these metallic spray soldiers have emptied they still have so much to offer. CANLOVE make it our jobs to unlock their latent potential. Just as the American Indians respected the buffalo, the artists at CANLOVE adore spray cans and ensure that nothing goes to waste. We like to think we’re setting the soul of each spray can free, allowing it to rest in peace (or pieces), and memorializing it as a true work of art.

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