The Eddy, Ottowa’s Green Urban Condos


The Eddy — six storys of green, urban condos built for life in Hintonburg. This used to be one of Ottowa’s oldest neighborhoods but is now one of its newest due to a renovation upswing. Eddy used to be a garage and used car lot. Now, it is a unique building that has 27 different floor plans for its 57 units. Windmill Developments and Christopher Simmonds Architect have designed the really  green and gorgeous six storey building.

The parking lot uses the 5BY2 system which shuffles cars around. Therefore it uses 60% less space and keeps vehicle emissions out of the building. This innovative process can solve the parking problem in cities due to concentrated buildings and businesses in one area. The Eddy is located in Hintonburg, just minutes from downtown Ottowa.

Building Features:

  1. Occupancy early 2014
  2. Six storeys, 57 units
  3. Rooftop with shared social space, including BBQs and hot tub
  4. Secure and easily accessible bicycle room
  5. Targeting LEED Platinum standard
  6. Geothermal heating and cooling
  7. All units are installed with Energy Star appliances: fridge, stove, dishwasher, range hood, microwave and washer/dryer
  8. Ground-floor retail
  9. Fully automated underground puzzle parking system. Small, efficient, and as green as parking can be – watch the video to see why.

Available Finishes:

  1. Have no added urea formaldehyde
  2. Use a low-VOC finish
  3. Employ non-off-gassing binders and glues
  4. Are made from sustainable materials

via TreeHugger and TheEddy