250,000 bees in NY’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel


As  green uses of  rooftop farming are gaining popularity in densely polluted cities, the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York’s midtown Manhattan has added a new spin. They are raising hundreds of thousands of honey bees on their own urban rooftop. New York legalized rooftop hives in 2010 and there are currently 160 registered beehives in New York. The catalyst of this movement is PlaNYC, New York’s plant to raise 1 million trees over the next decade. The 250,000 bees at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel will provide the pollination for the trees. The bees are expected to fly over the three mile radius of trees in the city.

As of April this year, guests at the Waldorf Astoria are benefitting from the new addition to the hotel’s 20th floor.. They can tour the six rooftop hives. The hotel will also serve local honey in its menu. The Waldorf expects to harvest about 800 pounds of honey a year. Its restaurants use about 1,000 pounds a year. Local honey is also know to help with hayfever.

via Culture