Constrvct App to Design Organic Cotton Garments


CONSTRVCT is truly interactive, user generated fashion. It uses U.S.-sourced double-knit organic cotton jersey and industrial digital textile inks to create its vibrant, photo-quality prints, which are then professionally stitched together in a garment facility in New York City. As a web-based collection, you can make your own designs. Turn photos into beautifully distinctive styles. They make your design with digital textile printing and sew it in your size in the highest quality. Every design is uniquely made to order. Constrvct  believes that the Future of Fashion is about redefining the entire process of design, production, and retail, so to enable more creativity and also make wonderfully high quality product.

With over 250 Kickstarter backers, the Constrvct app has surpassed its $10,000 goal. A Kickstarter pledge will get you discounts on the eventual prices once the store opens to the public. A $199 pledge will get you a custom dress and $95 will buy a T-shirt. Constrvct plans on getting the Kickstarter orders in September and open orders to the public in October. The orders will be made with organic cotton jersey, sourced and sewn right here in the US.  The material is a wonderful double knit that’s perfect for late summer and fall weather.

Need ideas for pictures? Wikimedia hosts a wonderful collection of high resolution files of artwork. You’ll certainly look chic sporting a Renaissance fresco, Impressionist painting, or striking Japanese woodcut. Most of the images are creative commons, especially art that is older than 100 years. What size resolution should the pictures be? Resolution is not absolute, since the height matters more than the width, and Consrtvct can resize up from smaller photos. So here is a guide to reference:

  • Beyond perfect: Your image is 5400 px tall or greater. If in Photoshop or Illustrator,  export at 6000 px tall.
  • Perfectly clear: Your image is 2700 px tall or greater.
  • Still safe: You image is 1800 px tall or greater.
  •  If you have a vector file, you can email that to Constrvct and they’ll print from that for perfect sharpness.
  • DSLR photos are great.
  • For iPhone photos the benchmark is the highest size from the iPhone 4 camera, landscape orientation: 2592 x 1936.

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