Lovesac, Life Changes so Should Your Furniture


Lovesac alternative furniture is built to last and guaranteed forever. What else is great about this product? It is made up of “sanctionals” that allow you to change the shape of furniture while you use it.  4 bases and 5 sides is the best way to get started which allows you to built any Lovesac shape. Get tired of the covered? You can change the covers for a new look. What if a friend crashes on your couch? You can turn it into a bed by moving the side sanctions around. Look at the video starting from sections 1:20 and you will see how this lifetime guarantee furniture can be customized. Life changes, so should your furniture.


One summer day in 1995 a highly creative, overly impulsive, and un-dieingly determined 18-year-old thought to himself, “I want to take a beanbag and Oversize it.” So he did. The seven foot bean bag popular with students is parlayed into a manufacturing and retail business. Since then Lovesac has launched a revolutionary sectional furniture solution called “Sactionals” that are changing the face of modern furniture design. A four-cushion Sactional starts at about $3,000 retail and in leather moves up into the $6,000 price points. They now have 50+ retail stores throughout the US and a growing rapidly.

The product is sold only in LoveSac stores and online and is made in factories in China and the United States. LoveSac’s Sactionals can be easily configured, without tools, into a limitless array of furniture styles to create various seating options to meet consumers’ ever-changing needs. Sactionals covers, although tailor fit, are removable, interchangeable and washable, and available in over 200 fabrics. The products are sold through its website ( and delivered domestically as well as internationally.

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