Hofman’s Rubber Ducky Travels the World


Artist Florentin Hofman is an environmentalist that puts smiles on people’s faces. He knows how to place impressionable and universal large fixtures around the world. Famous for his humoristic pieces, the Dutch artist Florentin Hofman used rubber coated PVC to built the duck on a pontoon with a generator. Hofman believes that the soft giant can relieve global tensions through delighting people coming from different countries and backgrounds. The  yellow duckie had enlightened viewers passers-by as it floats from city to city along the Loire river in France and other traveled through its travels from Osaka to Soa Paulo.

The 25 meters tall and 25 meters wide friendly creature’s mission is to provide a joyful interruption to people’s daily routines. Watching the ducky is symbolic of the lifestyle we used to led as kids, playing with a rubber duck. It reminds us that we can enjoy our lives living in the moment. Today, especially with the growth of mobile phones and social media, it is easy to get caught up in technology and miss out on local events that function with minimal energy levels. The rubber duck brings positive sensations around the world.The duck itself is a durable vessel, made from an inflatable plastic shell, a pontoon boat, and a generator to help propel it forward downstream. It gently moves throughout the environment without disrupting the nature of the marine life in the river below. Rising 82 feet by 82 feet wide, the bath time toy conjures up childhood memories and nostalgic narratives, undeniably creating smiles as it passes through each town.


Florentin Hofman’s Other Projects Include:

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