Crashed Ferrari Table


There are plenty of ways to recycle scrap metal from a car, but this coffee table made from a bale of scrap metal from a crashed Ferrari must be one of the quirkiest bits of furniture humour, delivered with a straight face. Made by French designer Charly Molinelli (, the table features a glass top, through which the remains of a wrecked Ferrari are prominently displayed.

The design process was simple enough; literally the crashed car was placed in the table. Not much more extra resources were used to encase the metal itself, and the act of displaying the scrap lends to it a museum-like quality, which we guess is another way to re-use it with the lowest possible ecological footprint (though we’re hoping the wrapping on the sides are faux lizard skin) Perhaps you may think, hey, why wasn’t this turned into something a bit more useful? But of course, there’s collectible cachet behind the Ferrari name, and there may be some Ferrari fan out there who’s willing to pay the whopping USD $13,500 price tag.

via TreeHugger