Celebrity Green Home Tips


Jessica Alba is gung-ho about creating an eco-friendly home for her family. Right down to the backyard grass that surrounds her outdoor pool. She is a green client of all my client and really cares about the earth. Alba chose Forever Lawn, a waterless “grass” that’s created from recycled tires and has a 15-year guarantee. It’s expensive, but in Beverly Hills if you do something ‘green’, you get 25 percent off your entire water bill, excluding the pool. As for the pool, Alba opted for saltwater so when the pool is drained, chemicals are not released into the environment. She’s also quick to buy second-hand furnishings. She buys things off Craigslist and runs down to the antique store. Alba paid attention to the smaller details too. To top off her eco-friendly home, Alba chose hemp and bamboo linens throughout her home.

Celebrity Green Decorating Tips for You To make your home as sustainable as possible. Here’s where to begin:
1. If you want an eco-chic kitchen countertop, choose one made from recycled glass as it offers built-in color and style. A company is Coverings Etc. Amazing products! They come in all different colors and they’re all recycled.
2. Only use eco-friendly cleaners and clean often to remove toxic grime and dirt tracked in from the outdoors. It’s very important that you clean everything. Mrs. Meyer’s is the best. I don’t know what they put in their products but I just had a friend spill wine on my sofa and it pulled it right out.
3. The most eco-friendly insulation for the home is one made from old denim jeans. Not only is it sound-proof but it is 40% more effective that most insulation products sold.
4. For a cozy deck, fence or railing in the yard, ditch the thought of pure lumber and go with a product containing 12% post-consumer recycled plastic, the rest wood that is pre-consumer recycled. It’s called TimberTech.
5. Opt for no-VOC paints for your walls- SafeCoat and WallMakeUP is a recommended brand. Most of the time the paint chips you get at the store are never the same on your walls.

via http://www.shelterpop.com/2011/04/07/celebrity-homes/