EcoBond Two


Ecotricity is seeking to raise £10 million through its ‘Ecobond Two’, which will enable customers and non-customers of the UK’s largest renewable energy company to invest directly into building new sources of green energy in the UK. When Ecotricity launched its first Ecobond issue in October last year, it was heavily oversubscribed, exceeding its £10 million target by 50 per cent. It became the UK’s largest ever private bond issue.

Ecotricity is expecting ‘Ecobond Two’ to also be a hit with UK citizens looking to invest in green energy at a time when other small-scale renewable energy investment vehicles are looking shaky. This might prove an attractive option for people who want to be green and also get an attractive rate of return, but can’t – or don’t want to – put solar panels on their roof. Ecobond Two will provide a four year fixed rate of return of 6.5% for existing Ecotricity customers or new customers. Individuals that are not Ecotricity customers will get a return of 6%..

Ecotricity said the money raised from Ecobond Two would be spent on building 19 new windmills that already had planning permission. Last year’s bond issue raised money for a solar park and wind turbines at two UK factories. Proceeds from Ecobond Two will be put to work building more new sources of green energy with the aim of increasing Ecotricity’s green energy generation by 50 per cent during 2012. The bond issue will close on December 16.