First Wind


First Wind is an independent North American wind energy company that has 13 Wind Farm across the country and is planning on growing. (See Map for locations) Based in Boston, First Wind has developed and operates 735 megawatts (MW) of generating capacity at 13 wind energy projects in New York, New England, Utah, Vermont and Hawaii. First Wind is also currently managing the construction of 3 projects with an additional 141MW of generation capacity. It exclusively focused on the development, financing, construction, ownership and operation of utility-scale wind energy projects in the United States.

Turbines driven by wind energy emit neither pollutants nor GHGs associated with conventional electricity production. And unlike conventional power plants, wind energy facilities do not require vast amounts of freshwater for cooling, thereby avoiding thermal and physical pollution of rivers, lakes and watersheds. When utility-scale wind energy projects are generating clean electricity, conventional power plants can be backed down, requiring less fossil fuels and resulting pollution, emissions, and water usage. The National Research Council estimates that annual damage from pollution at coal-fired power plants in the U.S. exceeds $60 billion, or 3.2 cents for every kilowatt hour produced. Unlike raw materials like coal, natural gas, and oil, wind is infinitely renewable. The renewable nature of wind energy means its costs are predictable and relatively fixed over long periods of time.

First Wind’s recent project is the Sheffield Wind Farm in Vermont. The 40 megawatt (MW) project will deliver clean, renewable power to about 15,000 Vermont homes with 16 turbines. Now that the project has achieved commercial operations, the Town of Sheffield will begin to receive more than $520,000 annually in tax revenues, which can be used toward local services including roads, schools, police, firefighters and more.