1st Airport AeroGarden


Aeroponic Gardens allow you to easily cultivate lettuce, cherry tomatoes, herbs, chili peppers and more in an energy-efficient at home indoor environment. Amazon.com sells the “AeroGarden” kit that comes with pre-seeded growth medium, fertilizer, two daylight-spectrum bulbs and the grow pod itself. The plants start to grow within 24 hours, and the plants mature 5 times faster compared to ordinary soil.

The AeroGarden system monitors itself to maintain the optimum growing conditions and it will alert you if the plants need nutrients or watering. Regardless of outdoor conditions, you have the chance to grow fresh herbs and salad fruits all year round. The kit makes it completely hassle-free to grow fresh produce, needing less than 10 minutes attention per month.The AeroGarden eco-gadget is inspired by technology from NASA.

Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, took this concept and opened the world’s first airport aeroponic garden. It uses solution of water and minerals instead of soil to grow 44 types of organic vegetables and herbs. Swiss chard, chives and habanero peppers are among the products growing in the garden. At the busy airport, this is an opportunity to educate and serve a mass travel audience about green Aeroponic Gardens.

Via http://www.envirogadget.com/home-gadgets/aeroponics-accelerated-indoor-garden-gadget/