Hometta Sustainable Architecture


What is Hometta?

Hometta sells online plans for small, modern, sustainable homes designed by modern leading architects. Its the sweet spot between custom, architect desgined houses and mass market housing. The plans encourage the use of sustainable materials and energy systems. Hometta the place to buy blueprints for progressive and modern sustainable modern houses under 2,500 square feet. It’s an international group of architects and designers determined to improve the residential landscape, one house at a time. Johnson, the founder, is a real estate developer and builder, and he was dispirited by his research into the stock plan industry, which sells housing plans at a fraction of the price it would cost to commission an original design. It’s a good idea that’s often poorly executed, offering unoriginal plans for oversized houses. He partnered with Houston architect Andrew McFarland to found Hometta, a company that would commission and sell plans for compact, sustainable homes designed by leading modern architects.

The plans will cost between $1,195 and $3,195, and Hometta will pay the original architect a royalty for each plan sold. That’s a significant savings for the consumer, who would typically have to pay 10 to 15 percent of the construction cost for a high-caliber original architectural design. Consumers can customize the plans by working with their builder or a local architect, or by hiring the original architect to make custom adjustments. Home sizes are capped at 2,500 square feet, and the plans encourage the use of sustainable materials and energy systems.

Strongly urge you to look at Hometta.com if interested in learning about other eco friendly home designs.

Via http://www.dwell.com/articles/hometta-affordable-modern-home-plans.html#ixzz1cxBoyoPg