Icelands 1st ZeroCarbon Data Center


A British company has commissioned Colt, the telecoms and IT group, to build the world’s first zero-carbon data centre, which will be exported to Iceland as a pre-fabricated kit.Data centres are power hungry in two ways – the servers themselves consume large amounts of electricity, and they need constant cooling to prevent overheating. Verne will offer customers free cooling by using the cold Icelandic air to regulate temperatures. Microsoft predicts the data centre construction market will grow from $50bn (£32bn) to $78bn globally by 2020.

The facility will run on geothermal and hydroelectric power – in Iceland, all electricity is from renewable energy sources. The project was commissioned by the UK start-up Verne Global, itself a data hosting company, which plans to use Iceland’s cheap power to undercut rival European offerings. The 500sq m facility will be shipped in 37 components to a former Nato base in Keflavik next month, where the glass and steel, climate-controlled boxes will be assembled inside a shell building.