Ethanol is socially desirable but more expensive to produce than gasoline. The following countries used different resources to produce Ethanol.
  • Brazil – Molasses and Sugar Cane Juice.
  • US – Corn.
  • France – Sugar Beets.

The reason Fuel Ethanol is directly starting to compete with Gasoline:

    • The energy in a tone of Ethanol is greater than its production energy.
    • Ethanol is less dangerous to health.
    • Produce new jobs.
    • Reduce oil import dependency.
    • Promote biomass-to-ethanol research.


Ford,  Chrysler, Chevrolet, and GM are out with E85 FlexFuel vehicles. FlexFuel cars run on gasoline or a blend of 85% ethanol. These cars perform like other non-FlexFuel cars but get 25-30% fewer miles per gallon when running on E85.

Great websites to check out for more information are: Compare price savings between FlexFuel and gas cars.

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