Eco-Friendly Home Appliances

Are you interested in upgrading to eco-friendly products? A way to  confirm if an appliance is an eco-appliance is if it is Energy Star and EPEAT certified.
Washing Machines
  • The Haier WasH2O has created a new approach to clothes washing — without detergent. It uses chemistry to rid the need of carcinogenic chemicals that are found in most detergents. It breaks down water molecules into OH- and H+ ions. OH- cleans the clothes by attracting and holding the stains, while the H+ ions sterilize the clothing. As of 2010, it is only available in France, but is expanding to other countries.
Breakfast Maker (Coffee, Toaster, Egg-fryer)
  • This machine made by Hong King Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. combines a coffee maker, egg cooker and toaster in one, which saves time, kitchen counter space and your home’s energy. This appliance only uses 1150 watts, which is typical for a standard toaster oven. This replaces the need for having three separate appliances working at the same time and efficiently uses excess heat from the toaster to assist in cooking the egg.
  • Sun Frost’s refrigerator runs on 80 percent less energy than most refrigerators. It has an efficient cooling process. Most refrigerators have strip heaters in the doors’ gasket area to dry condensation, which increases energy use of the cooling system. This refrigerator eliminates the need of a heater by using waste heat generated from the condenser to act as a heater, thus reducing energy that it would otherwise need for a heater. In addition, it has a passive evaporator and large surface area condenser that eliminate the need for a fan.