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  Walkonomics was seen in The Guardian ‘Best iPhone Apps of the Week’. It is an app that will help you find the most walkable routes to your destination. So far the app works in the following 7 cities: Central London Paris New York San Francisco Toronto Buenos Aires Glasgow How it works: Walkonomics analyses […]

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  A few days ago, a massive strike by London Underground workers caused Uber prices to go up as much as 3 times. For some emergencies such as Hurricane Sandy, Uber did not increase rates, however not in this situation. According to Quartz “London made extra buses, bicycles, and riverboats available in an attempt to […]

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  Helios Ride launched a Kickstarter fund last year for the release of the world’s first integrated headlight & blinker system for bicycles which also utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 & GPS to add smart features to any bike. Helios has both Andiod and iOs Apps. Here’s all the great new stuff we packed into Helios Bars […]

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  30 – 40% of food requires pollination. There is a mutual dependence for agriculture on pollination as insects on agriculture for survival. According to the Guardian Oslo’s “bee highway” aims to give the insects a safe passage through the city, lined with relays providing food and shelter – the first such system in the world, […]

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WallStreet Farmland

            As prices are rising for farmland, financial institutions have been buying more farmland.  TIAA-CREF, the massive California teachers pension plan, and big insurers such as John Hancock now invest in farmland.  Pension funds own almost 700,000 acres, by one estimate.  Hancock Agricultural Investment Group manages 230,000 acres worth more […]

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  Cargo bikes were once used to deliver goods and services. Today, they are on the verge of revolutionizing transport in London. is raising awaress of independent cargo retailers that sell and service cargos. Four retailers to check out are London Green Cycles, Carry Me Bikes, Bikefix, and Richmond Cycle Centre. For example, London Green Cycles has advertised “Hybrid, folder, road […]


  The renewable-energy boom is here. Trillions of dollars will be invested over the next 25 years. Solar Prices Keep Crashing: Solar power will eventually get so cheap that it will outcompete new fossil-fuel plants and even start to supplant some existing coal and gas plants, potentially stranding billions in fossil-fuel infrastructure. Solar Billions Will […]

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  The cereals of your childhood — like Lucky Charms, Reese’s Puffs, and Trix — are getting a makeover. General Mills announced today that it will be eliminating artificial flavors and colors from all of its cereals. The company has been experimenting with fruits, vegetables, and spices to replace those artificial ingredients, according to its press release. […]

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  Indigenous organic + fair trade fashion has been leading the way in stylish, handmade fashion since 1994. All Indigenous’ sustainable apparel is made with extreme care by artisans who are paid a Fair Wage. The founders, Scotty and Matt, have helped form a scalable artisan network through the Indigenous clothing line that reflects a […]

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  Atelier 8000 developed the proposal for the Kežmarská Hut architectural competition, which asked applicants to design a building offering accommodation, a restaurant, a medical facility, skiing storage and a garage for a snowmobile. The competition was won by a team made up of architects Karel Havliš, Filip Havliš, David Zámečník and Ondřej Novosad, so Atelier […]


    ABC Achrafieh, the most beautiful mall in Beirut, is turning into the most eco-friendly one by installing the largest private photovoltaic plant in Lebanon on ABC’s rooftop. The installation will cover up to 4,000 m2 and will provide a capacity of 0.45 MW that is enough to power ABC department store, the equivalent […]

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  It’s been a winning week for the Village’s rooftops. First, a glorious, coveted cabin poised high above East 13th Street came to market, and now, Gothamist relays word of a bucolic rooftop cottage replete with porch and lawn at 719 Greenwhich Street. Color us jealous. The cottage belongs to David Puchkoff and Eileen Stukane, […]

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  Last year, the fabulous actor and green activist Joanna Lumley teamed up with the Pretty Terrific architect Thomas Heatherwick to imagine a gorgeous pedestrian bridge across the Thames in London. This November, the pedestrian Garden bridge spanning London’s River Thames won local-government approval. In the Guardian the bridge is described as “It will be […]

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  In an effort to promote recycling, Levi Strauss & Co. started a drive that brought in 18,850 pairs of jeans. The event known as “Field of Dreams” is meant to show the impact of throwing clothes in a landfill versus recycling. The collected jeans weighted 24,000 pounds. They were put on display at the […]

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  New York City, with a population fast approaching 9 million and vast cultural, historical, and financial resources, is fast approaching the danger zone for climate change. The city sits on a “Big U” shaped waterfront property. The OECD ranked New York City among the 10 cities most vulnerable to rising sea levels with 2.9 […]

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Southwest Airlines

  Southwest Airlines will lighten its 737-700 aircrafts by over 600 pounds by replacing its leather covered seats with lighter material. The change was aimed at reducing weight – 600 lbs per plane – and thus fuel. The airline, having cracked the top 100 in Newsweek’s annual green company rankings this year didn’t want to throw away the […]

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  Yingli who? If you watched the World Cup 2014, you would have seen Yingli Solar ads, one of the 12 companies advertising at the World Cup. FIFA made over $1 billion from ads, $70m of directly from Yingli. Additionally, Yingli placed 1,500 solar panels encircling the World Cup stadium in Maracana, Brazil. As the […]

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  Copenhagen is known to have more bikes than people. Last year, bike usage increased by 5% due to 17 large Metro construction sites in the city that make driving unpleasant. Increased bike usage was not deliberate, it became the preferred option when driving due to construction became inconvenient. Lesson learned is that there is […]